Are You Ready To Make A Serious Change?

You Can Transform Your Body In 90 Days (Even If You Hate Going To The Gym)

We only allow 3 Participants per Month on this Program, so reserve your spot today!

Have you tried everything in your power to get the body you want?

There are so many diet plans out there… they suck you in, promise you the world and often get you where you want to be… in your new skinny jeans, feeling great and convinced that this is how you will stay from now on.

But what happens next?

We’ve all been there.

Before you know it, your new jeans are feeling tight.

You’re slowly sliding off the wagon.

One so called ‘cheat meal’ leads to a cheat week.. month… you get the picture.

Before you know it, the scales are creeping up again.

The skinny jeans are in the back of the cupboard and you’re telling yourself that you’ll be back “on plan” soon… you just need to get that next life event out of the way and then you can start…. Again…

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Why does this keep happening?

The diet industry is just that…. An industry. Your success isn’t profitable… but your failures are.

Every time you “start over” you become rich pickings for some other “fit pro” to swoop and promise you the body of your dreams.

What if there was another way?

And no we’re not talking about miracle shakes, fat loss pills  or ghastly detox diets. Yuck.

We do things differently.

We will teach you everything you need to know to make lasting changes. 

Your long-term success is our absolute goal and the only way we can achieve this goal is by making sure that you have the nutritional knowledge, fitness know-how and  more importantly the mindset necessary to not only achieve the results you crave, but to make sure the body you worked so hard for is yours for keeps.

Sounds great… but how?

               The 90 Day Transformation

We want to take the very best of our knowledge and pass it on to you.

No more “cheating” on your diet… because you’re not on a diet.

We will help you reprogram your attitude so that restrictive eating, and punishing yourself for what you’ve eaten is a thing of the past.

The control is in your hands.

Our 90 day transformation program is built around three pillars.


Cravings are the number one reason people fall short of their goals when it comes to diet and nutrition.

Restrictive eating is more of a prison sentence than a sustainable way of life.

No food will be off limits so there is no reason to feel like you’re cheating.

Our program involves a full nutrition plan where we will get to know you as an individual, to get an understanding of what your downfalls have been in the past and how we can avoid them.

We will provide you with a plan, including meal ideas and ways to track your progress.

We want to teach you how to manage your nutrition without syns, points or any of that bullsh*t.

This is the only way to put the power in your hands.


Can you imagine how much easier it would be to make positive lifestyle changes if you actually really enjoyed working out and didn’t find yourself making every excuse under the sun to cancel?

Boredom is up there as one of the main reasons people give up exercise plans, despite having all the best intentions.

Picture this…we’ve all been there… after a long day at work or looking after kids the last thing you feel like doing is getting ready for the gym.

The thought of slogging away on that boring treadmill or plodding from one weights machine to another isn’t massively appealing, is it?

Every workout with us is varied, interesting and certainly challenging.

Our class sizes are capped at twelve and there is always a brilliant atmosphere with everyone cheering each other on.

You’ll always leave with a feeling of accomplishment after one of our sessions.

The best fitness programme is the one that works for you.

Positive change requires two main things… motivation and consistency.

Accountability/Measurable results

Visual reminders of your progress are powerful tools when it comes to accountability and the measurement of results.

We will track your progress with pictures and measurements, including weight and body measurements.

However, what’s more important is how you look and feel!

We will help to retrain your mindset… taking the focus away from allowing the scales to dictate whether you’ll be in a good mood on any given day.

This is crucial to long term success and maintaining your hard-won new body.

Hey, I'm Shaun! Owner and Head Coach.

You could see results like above. On the left was ME when I was 23, and 16 stone. On the right is me at 27, just 3 months after I found CrossFit and changed my lifestlye.

All we ask from you is dedication. To yourself, to us, and to a healthier version of you.

You’ve got to be ready to work your butt off!

All we’re asking for is 90 days of dedication. Listen to what we ask you to do. Read your emails, follow your plan. 

If you follow the plan we set you, attend all of your sessions and check-ins, I personally guarantee that you will see results!

Remember, spaces are limited! We’re starting a new challenge soon so get involved now

What do you get with the 90 Day Transformation?

  • 4 Personal Training Sessions
  • 3 Classes Per Week for 90 Days
  • Body Analysis (Weight, Measurements)
  • 60 Minute Nutrition Consultation
  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • 10 Meal Ideas (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Weekly Email Check-in
  • Email Support
  • Online Community – you’ll be in our private member’s group
  • Before and After photos, measurements
  • Certificate and Blog Post dedicated to your progress


I love how varied the workouts are, and that they are always challenging, but most of all I love turning up and not having to decide what to do!

Jessica Hodges

If you balance nutrition and exercise you will take 10 years off your age. CrossFit Woodford has helped me to do this. This is in my experience the only way to have a chance to taste from the fountain of youth 🙂
Shahid Ikram

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