CrossFit Woodford exists to encourage ordinary people to make extraordinary changes in their lives so that they can be the version of themselves that they want to see.

By providing a safe, inclusive, and fun environment to grow, we want you to become stronger, fitter, slimmer (if that’s a goal) and to feel confident in who you are.

You could be starting from scratch. You could be lost. Maybe you’ve tried everything to get to where you want to be, and nothing has worked. Maybe you’re bored in the gym. Maybe life is getting on top of you. Maybe you need a kickstart. Maybe you just want to try something new!

Wherever you are starting from; we want to help.

Your health is literally the MOST important facet of your life because you won’t be the best version of yourself without it.

Becoming healthier holds the key to a fulfilling life and ensures that you set a good example for those around you that you care most about.

We believe that being better than you were yesterday is a process that starts with good health, fitness, and nutrition. We can provide you with the tools to be more confident, vibrant, motivated, and happy. Feeling this way will spill over into every area of your life.

We’re not just selling classes or PT, we’re offering change. Do you want to change?

Yes, the classes are one part of the puzzle. Just as important are good nutrition, mindfulness, and creating positive habits that will help to create your best life. To clarify, we are here to facilitate positive changes in your life, because you are worth it. We are also;

A place where you come to forget your bad day.
A place where you come to get an hour to yourself.
A place where you don’t need to figure out a plan or routine, it’s provided for you.
A place that puts your fitness first, so that all you need to do is turn up and train.
A place where you lift heavy shit, run, row, and master your own body.

We are a group of ordinary people.

We are mums, dads, office workers, doctors, nurses, and teachers.

But for one hour a day, we are frigging superheroes.

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